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2017.02.21 Tue
I'm crying. I've just received a love gift from my favorite manager and a friend!! A Pandora bracelet!!!!
OMGOMGOMGOMG I am so soooo moved!!!! Can't believe they secretly prepared a gift, and not even mention they sent to Taiwan!! Bless them!!
Thank God let me met them, also lots UK friends, it's my dearest pleasure.
I will wear it all the time, as the memory and the promise I had made. I will be back.


Immediately purchased another pandora charms to match this lovely gift, definitely the Pandora Pudsey!!!!
Last year was the very first time that children in need to cooperate with pandora, which they launched a first limited edition Pudsey bear pandora charm, as the pic you should easy see below.
YEAH a face. Just a face. LOL(the right side is this year's, with whole body,)
I couldn't get the 2016 one because they were not delivery aboard from the UK. So sad.
But this year! they allow the US to sell it! And send to TAIWAN! YEAH!! Although I wouldn't for sure if the Children in need could receive a part of the money from Pandora as they do the sale price??? I hope they still do so.
Can't wait for it!!!
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