2019.06.17 Mon

How could she sang this song again and again?
It's like take a blade cut into your chest and pull out your heart and all air for a thousand times, bloody confession.
2018.11.27 Tue
Ridiculous job, I should leave.
2018.07.12 Thu
From the inside out.
2018.06.14 Thu
How about spend 10 years time to try smoothly using French?
As a lazy learner I guess this decade should be long enough. :P
2018.05.28 Mon


2018.05.17 Thu
Wow nearly 4 months haven't touch my kindle till today, it still work smoothly as a brand new model, how come?! Hail Amazon!😂😂😂😂😂

The first thing is : I must open my laptop and download the last Jedi...paperbook already purchased in 2 months long but not even finish the first chapter(sob

Bring it on!!!
2018.04.13 Fri
I'm not living for the moment.
What the shit happened again and I haven't notice that until today?
Better get out of here.
2017.10.27 Fri
Most sales here are liar, give fause information and untrained-well skills to sale products.
Hmmm...try lay down myself just once.
Anyway time will tell, that's see.
2017.10.21 Sat
Got 4 kilograms in 6 months' shitty job, but lost 3 kilograms only in 1 month.
Depress could easy kill you hard and took the health away from you.

Thanks God my pants finally suitable again as before but my bra became loosely too. Lol
2017.10.19 Thu
Looking for a decent job in Taiwan such a pain in ass.
The situation makes me so fucking frustrated. Coldplay suitable when the life sucks as ash. :p

Gravity - Coldplay

Gravity 4'40"
Lyrics/Melody: Chris Martin

Honey, It's been a long time coming, and I can't stop now
Such a long time running, and I can't stop now
Do you hear my heart beating? Can you hear that sound?
Cause I can't help thinking, and I don't look down

And then I looked up at the sun, and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns for you and me
And then I looked up at the sky, and saw the sun
And the way that gravity pulls on everyone, on everyone

Baby, It's been a long time waiting, Such a long, long time
And I can't stop smiling, no I can't stop now
But do you hear my heart beating? Oh can you hear that sound?
Cause I can't help crying, and I won't look down

And then I looked up at the sun, and I could see
Oh the way that gravity turns on you and me
And then I looked up at the sun, and saw the sky
And the way that gravity pulls on you and I, on you and I

Can you hear my heart beating? Can you hear that sound?
Cause I can't help crying, and I won't look down

親愛的 已經花了太多時間 我無法抑止
持續了那麼久 我無法抑止
你聽見我的心跳了嗎 你聽見心跳聲了嗎
因為我不禁想著 我不願放棄 

而我仰望艷陽 我能看見
然後我仰望天空 看見太陽
看見地心引力如何緊扣著每個人 每個人

寶貝 已經等待了太久 真的太久太久
而我無法停止微笑 我無法抑止
但你聽見我的心跳了嗎 你聽見心跳聲了嗎
因為我不禁落淚 我不願放棄

而我仰望艷陽 我能看見
然後我仰望艷陽 看見天空
看見地心引力如何緊扣著你我 你和我

你能聽見我的心跳嗎 你聽見心跳聲了嗎
我不禁落淚 我不願放棄
2017.10.14 Sat
‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Set as NBC’s Next Live Musical

NBC has selected “Jesus Christ Superstar” as the next live musical to head to the network, Variety has learned.

The show follows in the footsteps of NBC’s successful run of live musical events, including “Sound of Music Live,” “Peter Pan Live,” “The Wiz Live,” and most recently, “Hairspray Live.”

All of NBC’s former live musicals have aired during December as a holiday special. In contract, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live!” will air on Easter Sunday next year, April 1, 2018.

Based on the 1971 Broadway rock opera, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live!” will be executive produced by original creators Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, who will also provide music and lyrics for NBC’s show. In addition to the duo, musical vets Marc Platt of “La La Land,” plus Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who have both worked with the network on past musicals, are also on board as executive producers.

No stars have been announced, but casting is underway and NBC is looking to cast authentic recording artists.

“As we continue to expand the profile of our live musicals, we are thrilled to be partnering with Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice to bring a new live staging of the iconic ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ to NBC,” said Robert Greenblatt, chairman of NBC Entertainment. “Casting has just begun, but we want to fill out this classic show with as many recording artists as possible to give proper voice to what is the original rock opera score.”

The musical first opened at the Mark Hellinger Theatre on Broadway in 1971 and starred Jeff Fenholt as Jesus and Ben Vereen as Judas, and was nominated for five Tony Awards that year. Prior to making its way to the stage, the musical was originally conceived as a concept album that hit no. 1 on the Billboard charts. Since then, the show has been performed in nearly 20 countries and translated into 18 different languages. In the 46 years since its debut, “Jesus Christ Superstar” has been revived many times, including Tony-nominated runs in 2000 and 2012.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” is not the first religious-themed musical to head to the broadcast networks on Easter weekend. Last year, Tyler Perry brought “The Passion” to Fox, which was a partially live modern spin on the story of Jesus Christ’s last hours, though the one-night event garnered mixed reviews and did not bring in a large audience.

For NBC, the network now has a few live shows in deck in addition to “Jesus Christ Superstar” — a live adaptation of Aaron Sorkin’s “A Few Good Men” is expected to debut later this year, along with a live musical version of “Bye Bye Birdie,” starring Jennifer Lopez.

“Jesus Christ Superstar Live!” hails from Universal Television, the Really Useful Group, Marc Platt Productions, and Storyline Entertainment.


2017.10.06 Fri
知更鳥的賭注 / 尤.奈斯博
復仇女神的懲罰 / 尤.奈斯博
新手 / 瑞蒙.卡佛
大教堂 / 瑞蒙.卡佛
小陌生人 / 莎拉.華特斯
綠蒂在威瑪 / 托瑪斯.曼
筆電愛情 / 珍奈.溫特森
重擔 / 珍奈.溫特森
蟑螂 / 尤.奈斯博
神鬼獵人 / 麥克.龐可
蝙蝠 / 尤.奈斯博
黃昏老爸的煩惱習題 / 馬克.海登
來人啊! / 泰瑞.普萊契
書店怪問 / 珍.坎貝爾
寂地 / 彼德.海勒
管家 / 瑪麗蓮.羅賓遜
萊拉 / 瑪莉蓮.羅賓遜
家園 / 瑪莉蓮.羅賓遜
我是海明威的巴黎妻子 / 寶拉.麥克蓮
時間的空隙 / 珍奈.溫特森
血巫孽種 / 瑪格麗特.愛特伍
村上收音機. 3, 喜歡吃沙拉的獅子 / 村上春樹
派特的幸福劇本 / 馬修.魁克
獨角人 / 詹姆士.萊思登
洛麗塔 / 納波科夫
幸福大道 / 理查.葉慈
凡人 / 菲利普.羅斯
遺愛基列 / 瑪莉蓮.羅賓遜
當女人是一隻鳥 : 關於聲音的54篇變奏曲 / 泰莉.坦貝斯特.威廉斯
能不能請你安靜點? / 瑞蒙.卡佛
村上收音機 / 村上春樹
村上收音機. 2, 大蕪菁、難挑的酪梨 / 村上春樹
我愛廚房 / 吉本巴娜娜
哀愁的預感/ 吉本芭娜娜
鶇/ 吉本芭娜娜
轉機 : 勒瑰恩十五篇跨次元旅行記 / 娥蘇拉.勒瑰恩
一定會很開心 / 中島京子
這一次,你該捨不得的是自己 / 婕咪.瓦克斯曼
意外的管書人生 : 監獄圖書館員歷險記 / 阿維.史坦伯格
創作者的日常生活 / 梅森.柯瑞
2017.09.16 Sat
Hell no.
2017.08.25 Fri
Hey too much gay sense in British novel, OMG.
2017.07.15 Sat

Pray - JRY feat.Rooty

I've playing with my demons
Making troubles for yourself
And these days are far from over

You know I can't help myself
I love coming for you baby
And it's killing me inside
I've been dying for you baby
Almost every single night

Forget the words I'm saying
I know that I've been cruel
I pray for peace
Tell me why don't you

Oh I pray
I know that I've been cruel
Oh I pray
I know that what I do

I've been losing my religion
Making trouble for myself
And these nights are getting longer
You know I just need your help
I keep running for you baby
And it's eating me alive
I'll be dying for you baby
'Till you'll bring me back to life

Forget the words I'm saying
I know that I've been cruel
I pray for peace
Tell me why don't you

Oh I pray
I know that I've been cruel
Oh I pray
I know that what I do

I wanna throw it all away
For tonight, and the day another day
It's just you and me
And I'm on my knees
Would you pray for me
Would you pray pray pray pray

Oh I pray
I know that I've been cruel
Oh I pray
I know that what I do


The very only one song that I found good in Fifty Shades Darker. Such a shame because the previous movie has quite much great songs.
2017.04.20 Thu

And I can't even fuckin sure my English will improve. FUCK.
2017.03.24 Fri
2017.03.19 Sun
Today is the end of the Republic.
The end of a regime that acquiesces to disorder.
At this very moment, in a system far from here the New Republic lies to the galaxy while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome Resistance.
This fierce machine which you have built upon which we stand will bring an end to the Senate!
To their cherished fleet!
All remaining systems will bow to the First Order!
And will remember this...

2017.03.10 Fri
[SW7/Kylux] 荒唐詩篇

Ben/Hux, Poe/Hux












「Benjamin、Benjamin Solo。」
「所以你也是個Solo。Han Solo是你甚麼人?親戚?」


















「你該待下來,說不定Poe回來看到你會很開心。他很崇拜Han Solo。」









My little pumpkin,
I like to think about other girls sometimes,
But the truth is
if you ever left me
I’d tear my heart out
and never put it back.
There’ll never be anyone like you.
How embarrassing.


聽Paterson原聲Willie West-I'm Still A Man (Lord Have Mercy)-Instrumental的時候腦袋突然就浮起來這個鬆軟的橋段XD

結局是Poe負氣把BB8偷抱走了,遇上有錢人南區自殺失敗的警察Finn。Ben如果你要說他是收垃圾的我也不反對XD跟Hux在一起後以Kylo Ren為筆名出道。(有時候Hux會燒他的詩取暖,就偶爾XD)

2017.03.06 Mon



2017.03.06 Mon
2017.03.06 Mon



2017.03.04 Sat
Depressed for two days, with bloody monthly cramps, finally feel better now.
Switch the emotional colour here for temporary.


I had a weird dream last night.
I am carrying, almost 7 months (I guess), but the terrible pain causes me lying in a hospital. My family says it's fine to give birth for but I refuse as it still seems too early.
Maybe I read too much Kylux mpreg fic in recent, but I felt so bloated.
When I woke up, I found the pain was actually from my period.
No wonder that feeling was so vivid.
2017.03.03 Fri











2017.03.01 Wed
At least I have never regretted about my previous jobs I had chosen for.

(And seriously? I must have neat-freak about morality. No racist please.)

Can't believe that I was burst in tears now only because this.
I wasn't sad about the interview but felt sorry for the interviewer. How pathetic of her. How shame.Such easy to lose your own respect, doesn't you?